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return and refund

Return and refund




we will issue a full refund to the customer only when the following conditions happen:

  • When the customer receives the wrong floral product(s).

  • When the floral product is 60% damaged. 

  • When the floral product is not ready to pick up on the selected date,

  • when the floral product is not delivered on the selected date. 

  • When the floral product is not delivered to the correct address due to the wrong input of the delivery address on Uber. 

The customer should contact us to request a refund immediately with a picture proof once receiving the flower. Any contact after 48 hours is not valid for a refund.


we will NOT issue a refund when but not limited to the following conditions happen:

  • When the customer/recipient is not satisfied with the floral product due to personal preferences. 

  • When the customer claims that the product is not worth the price.

  • When the floral product is delivered to the wrong address that the customer provides.

  • When the floral product has a price drop after the customer’s intended delivery date.

  • When the customer claims that there is a difference between the actual product and the photos on the website. All photos on websites are for reference only and there is no guarantee that the handcraft flower product will be identical.

  • When the customer reports that the flower is not in perfect condition after the intended delivery date. It is the recipient’s responsibility to do water treatment after receiving the floral product.

  • When the customer does not follow the curing method and causes the floral product to be stale or withered on the intended delivery date. 

  • When the customer requests to modify an existing order within 72 hours of the intended delivery date. The modification includes but is not limited to changing the selected style, changing the flower color, and changing the delivery date.


We do not accept returns on all products.


we do not accept any chargeback claims. Once the order has been made and delivered/picked up, the order is considered fulfilled. Any chargeback claim from the customer is perceived as a violation of C Blanc Rose LLC’s company regulations and we reserve the right to contact the VISA company and the customer’s bank to dispute the chargeback. Any violation of our company regulations may lead to the customer being involved in legal proceedings. You need to contact our customer service if you are dissatisfied with your flowers.

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