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frequently asked questions

  • How do I contact you?
    Many options! The quickest way to reach out is call (626) 698-8504. Our mandarin customer service is available on WeChat. Search cblancrose on WeChat. You can start a live chat on website, or email us to for any questions.
  • What days and hours are you open?
    We are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. Our customer service is available from 10 am to 10pm everyday.
  • Where is your shop?
    We are an online shop. Our Studio is located in baldwin park 91706. Our studio is not open to public but open to pick up customers.
  • How to place an order?
    If you want to pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, Place your order online. If you want to pay via Zelle or Alipay (rmb), place order with WeChat representative or call 626-698-8504.
  • Can I do customization?
    Yes! Contact customer service and send us pictures. We can create a 100% floral restoration of the image, with an overall restoration rate of 80% -90%. Due to the different growth forms, the degrees of openness of flowers, and the seasonality, we cannot achieve a 100% overall restoration.
  • How to care for flowers?
    fresh flowers: Fresh long-stem: gently remove the flowers from wrapping; trim 1 inch off the stem diagonally using scissors; place flowers into a vase, water lever 2 inches; change water every two days. fresh short stem: maintain the wrapping; directly and smoothly add water to the flower along the stem every two days; the water level varies due to product size; wet floral foam indicates sufficient water. Eternity flowers: avoid direct sunlight, and keep in cool condition. Toy: no treatment.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Unfortunately, our arrangements are not eligible for returns.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes. We accept order cancellation 3 days in advance of your intended date. You will receive a full refund. Cancellation within 72h of your intended date is not accepted.
  • Do you deliver flowers outside California?
    Yes, we can ship selected style of eternity flowers and toy bouquets via USPS express for FREE.
  • Can I get same-day delivery?
    Yes, all eternity flowers and toy bouquets are available for same-day delivery. Sometimes we can do same-day fresh flower delivery.
  • Can I pick a delivery time?
    let us know your preferred delivery date and time range after checking out. Leave a note when check out or contact customer service.
  • How much is delivery?
    We work with Uber package. We pay Uber first, and charge customers with Uber invoice when the charge is posted.
  • How to schedule hand delivery?
    Place an order and contact customer service for delivery.
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